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40 Things to do at Epcot

On October 1st, 2022 Epcot celebrates its 40th Anniversary!

To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of 40 Things to do in Epcot!

Epcot opened on October 1st, 1982 as Epcot Center, a community conceptualized by Walt himself in 1966.  Walt’s idea was to build a community of tomorrow that would never be completed, a place where people could live and work, and introduce new ideas and systems.

Epcot is actually an acronym for Walt’s community concept, it stands for:






Initially, Epcot was meant to comprise an urban city center, residential areas, industrial areas, schools, and a series of mass transportation systems that would connect the community, but after Walt’s death the concept was abandoned as the company was uncertain about the feasibility of operating a city.

Epcot was re-imagined to still have the essence of Walt’s original idea.  It was designed to showcase modern innovation through attractions and interactive learning centers. Over the years Epcot has evolved and is currently going through a multi-year update and we’ll soon get to see all that World Celebration, World Discovery, World Nature and World Showcase have to offer.

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40 Things to do in Epcot:  Attractions

Epcot is full of engaging, interactive and immersive attractions that allow you to experience and learn at the same time.  While some attractions feature beloved characters like Elsa, Anna and Olaf, others hone in and use all your senses to engage in new experiences.  Below is a full list of all of the attractions you can experience at Epcot:

  1. Frozen Ever After
  2. Gran Fiesta Tour
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind
  4. Journey Into Imagination
  5. Living with The Land
  6. Mission: SPACE
  7. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure
  8. The Seas with Nemo & Friends
  9. Soarin’ Around the World
  10. Spaceship Earth
  11. Test Track

All of the attractions at Epcot are available through Disney Genie+ or Individual Lightning Lane services.  With Disney Genie+ you save time waiting in line by selecting time slots that fit your Disney day!  For more on using this service check out the How to Plan with Disney Genie blog or book a 1:1 Happy Haunts Hour, we’ll work together to prioritize your selections and align your day with your Epcot intentions.

40 Things to do in Epcot:  World Showcase

The World Showcase is home to SO MANY activities in Epcot!  There are likely 40 things to do in Epcot within the World Showcase alone, but we’ll be highlighting some of the most popular activities in this blog.

I asked our Happy Haunts on Instagram and in the Facebook Community and they definitely delivered!  DM us on Instagram with any additional ideas you have!

  1. Mexico Pavilion
    • Gran Fiesta Tour – take a ride through Mexico with The Three Caballeros!
    • Eat at San Angel Inn
    • Enjoy a Tequila tasting at La Cava del Tequila 
    • Shop & Explore Mexican culture inside the Mayan temple!  You can even create your own Dia de los Muertos Skeleton Character!
  2. Norway Pavilion
    • Meet Anna + Elsa at Royal Sommerhus
    • Shop at Wandering Reindeer for Frozen and Norwegian merchandise.
    • Ride Frozen Ever After
    • Enjoy Kringle and other baked goods and snacks at Kringla Bakeri.  This is where you’ll find the popular School Bread too!
    • Visit the Gods of the Vikings exhibit to explore Norse gods and Scandinavian culture.
  3. China Pavilion
    • Relax in the peaceful gardens, surrounded by Bamboo and ponds.
    • Meet Mulan or Mushu in the gardens.
    • Watch the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats.
    • Inside the temple you’ll find a replica of the Terracotta Army.
    • Reflections of China is a 360º Circle-Vision film shown in the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest.
    • Enjoy a meal at Nine Dragons or Lotus Blossom Cafe.
    • Shop at The House of Good Fortune.
  4. Germany Pavilion
    • Grab some delicious caramel corn at Karamelle-Kuche
    • Dine on traditional Oktoberfest eats at Biergarten as you enjoy traditional German entertainment such as Folk Dancing and yodeling.
    • Grab a quick bite at Sommerfest, including delicious apple strudel
    • Shop traditional Germany finds such as beer steins, cuckoo clocks and hand painted eggs.
    • Enjoy fine wines and spirits at Weinkeller
  5. Italy Pavilion
    • Take in the sites of Italy with St. Mark’s Campanile Bell Tower, 14th Century Doge’s Palace, Venetian Bridges and Gondolas.
    • Toss a coin into “Fontana de Nettuno” a fountain inspired by Bernini’s Neptune fountain in the Plaza del Teatro.
    • Enjoy authentic Italian pizza at Via Napoli or stop by the pick-up window at Pizza al Taglio.
  6. American Pavilion
    • Inside the colonial-style mansion pavilion you’ll find quotes from notable Americans such as Walt Disney, Althea Gibson, and Charles A. Lindbergh.
    • Enjoy a live concert at The American Gardens Theater.
    • Catch the Voices of Liberty at the rotunda of The American Adventure.
    • Enjoy some Barbeque at Regal Eagle Smokehouse.
    • Take in the American Adventure, a 29 minute show hosted by Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain.
    • Experience “The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure,” is also located in this space and celebrates the distinctly American musical art form of jazz.
    • Visit the AMerican Heritage Gallery where Creating Tradition: Innovation and Change in American Indian Art is showcased. 
  7. Japan Pavilion
    • Bask in the sites of the blue-roofed pagoda, red torii gate and tranquil gardens.
    • View Traditional Japanese art inside White Heron Castle in the Bijutsu-kan Gallery.
    • Enjoy your meal cooked at your table at Teppan Edo.
    • Feast on traditional Japanese food like sushi, udon and teriyaki at Katsura Grill.
    • Pick a Pearl at the The Mikimoto Store.
    • Enjoy Matsuriza, Japanese taiko drumming
    • Shop for Japanese gifts and souvenirs inside Mitsukoshi Department Store.
  8. Morocco Pavilion – this pavilion is temporarily closed
  9. France Pavilion
    • Stroll across the Pont des Arts inspired footbridge, taking in the Seine inspired waterfront.
    • Have a delicious meal at Monsieur Paul restaurant or Les Chefs de France and grab baked goods at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie.
    • Relax at the center fountain and watch the “Serveur Amusant” Acrobats perform.
    • Enjoy Ice Cream at L’Artisan des Glaces or traditional french crepes at La Creperie de Paris.
    • Meet Belle in the gardens.
    • Enjoy Grey Goose or Grand Marnier Slushies at the wine kiosk.
    • Ride Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.
    • Watch the Impressions de France at Palais du Cinema.
    • Visit the Tale As Old As Time: French Storytelling on Stage and Screen display and the Beauty and the Beast sing-a-long.
    • Shop for perfumes, french souvenirs or taste wines among the many shops in the pavilion. 
  10. United Kingdom Pavilion
    • Take in the London inspired sites, english cottages, cobblestone streets and iconic red phone booth.
    • Relax in the gardens and take a break with children in Tiggers Maze.
    • Be entertained by The World Showcase Players are an improvisation group.
    • Enjoy traditional Fish and Chips or trifle at Rose and Crown.
    • Shop for medieval finds and family crests.
    • Shop for Tea and biscuits at The Tea Caddy 
    • The UK Pavilion is set to be reimagined to look like Cherry Tree Lane from Mary Poppins in the future.
  11. Canada Pavilion
    • Visit the Hotel du Canada, inspired by the Chateau Laurier, a historic hotel found in Ottawa.
    • Experience the beautiful grounds reminiscent of Butchart Gardens found in Victoria, British Columbia.  The majestic Canadian Rockies are featured complete with a boulder strewn stream that rushes to a 30′ waterfall.
    • Shop for art glass, handmade ornaments, traditional maple products and more at the two shops within the pavilion. 
    • Rock out to Marc Anger & Friends.
    • Enjoy “Canada Far and WIlde” in the Maple Leaf Mine Theater.
    • Enjoy signature steakhouse Le Cellier and enjoy cider at Appleseed Orchard.

One of the most popular answers we received was to drink around the world!
This activity is certainly something many participate in, especially during festivals.  

Each Country in the World Showcase offers unique cocktails, spirits and beverages that the entire family can enjoy, whether they’re drinking around the world or not. Throughout the year Epcot is home to several festivals that take place throughout the World Showcase Pavilions.  Below is a full list of Epcot festivals to help you plan your best time to visit Disney World, but if you still need guidance grab our Free Guide!

Epcot Festival | Epcot | Epcot Center | Epcot Disney World | World Showcase | Epcot World Showcase

40 Things to do in Epcot:  World Discovery

World Discovery takes you to the next frontier, beyond the limits of our planet and into Space.

In this section you can:

  1. Transport to the Centauri Space Station for a delicious and modern meal at Space 220
  2. Blast off to save the galaxy in Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.
  3. Shop at the Treasure’s of Xandar
  4. Learn what it feels like to be in space on Mission: Space.
  5. Build and test your car on Test Track.

40 Things to do in Epcot:  World Nature

Experience all that Nature has to offer in The Land and The Seas pavilions.

Each offers unique, interactive experiences:

  1. The Seas with Nemo & friends
    • Explore The Seas with Nemo & Friends
    • See all your favorite sea creatures at Sea Base and take a picture in Bruce’s mouth!
    • Chat with friends at Turtle Talk with Crush
    • Enjoy a meal at Coral Reef Restaurant
  2. The Land
    • Explore the seasons and ecosystems on Living with the Land.
    • Experience the Behind the Seeds Tour and explore the greenhouses in depth.
    • Enjoy a fun meal at Garden Grill with Chip ‘N Dale or a quick snack and Seaon’s Cafe.
    • Soar around the world on Soarin’
    • On screen exploration of Earth with Awesome Planet

40 Things to do in Epcot:  World Celebration

As you enter Epcot you experience World Celebration and all it has to offer.  Although still undergoing an redesign, this area is the heart of the park with lots to see and do:

  1. Meet & Greet with Pluto and Goofy as you enter the park.
  2. Take in the sights of Spaceship Earth and snap pictures with a photo pass photographer.
  3. Take a trip through history on Spaceship Earth, be sure to snap a picture as you exit on the famous Bubblegum Wall.
  4. Take a break and enjoy a few shorts at Disney & Pixar’s Short Film Festival
  5. Journey into Imagination with Figment, then engage in interactive activities at What If Labs and Meet Ralph and Vanellope in Imaginations, then shop all things Figment!
  6. Visa Card Exclusive character meet & greet behind Imaginations
  7. Taste soft drinks from all over the world at Club Cool
  8. Shop at Pin Traders, Gateway Gifts and Creations Shop.
  9. Enjoy a meal at Connections Cafe & Eatery.
  10. Experience nighttime spectaculars, Beacons of Light and Harmonious.
  11. Relax at Dreamers Point with Walt and Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana, both opening late 2023.

With so many things to see and do in Epcot alone, planning a Disney Trip can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be something you do alone. The Happy Haunts at Foolish Mortal Planning Co., await your call from beyond!  We’ll work together in a 1:1 Happy Haunts Hour to intentionally plan your magical trip.

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