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How to Choose Disney World Tickets

Next in the How to Plan Series we’re discussing how to choose Disney World Tickets! With multiple options to choose from it can be hard to know which is best for you and your family, but understanding the options and aligning them with your schedule will help you decide.

In this blog we’ll review the Three Types of Theme Park Tickets and how to determine which is the best option for you. Once you’ve chosen tickets that fit your needs, we’ll show you how you can align your tickets with your schedule.

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How to Choose Disney World Tickets:  The Options

There are 3 theme park ticket types to choose from:

  1. Base Tickets these allow you to enter one theme park per day with a valid park reservation.
  2. Base Tickets + Park Hopper these allow you to enter two theme parks per day with a valid park reservation needed for your first park only.  Enter a second theme park of your choice after 2pm.
  3. Base Tickets + Park Hopper Plusthese allow you to enter two theme parks or awater park and theme park per day with a valid park reservation needed for your first park only.  Enter a second theme park of your choice after 2pm.  With this ticket you also get access to sport extras like Golf Courses, Mini Golf and ESPN Wide World of Sports (currently unavailable)

For more information on the available Disney World Ticket options click here or view the below graphics:

How to Choose Disney World Tickets:  Your Best Option

TNow that you know the 3 Ticket Types available you can use the information to choose the best option for you and your travel party.  Here are some key questions to consider before choosing:

  1. Will access to more than one theme park per day be a useful tool for my family?
  2. What will our days generally look like?  Will we rope drop and stay all day, rope drop and take a midday break or go to parks later in the day?
  3. Will in-park meals be part of our schedule?  Will we go to a theme park just for a meal?
  4. Do we plan to visit any water parks during our trip or play golf?
  5. How many parks do we plan to visit during our trip?

Answering these key questions will help guide you to the choice that best fits your needs.

Another key decision to make will be the number of days for your tickets, let’s explore this decision more.

How to Choose Disney World Tickets:  Aligning Your Schedule

Now that you know which type of theme park ticket is best for your travel party it’s time to decide the length of your ticket.  Disney theme park tickets come in a range from a one day ticket up to a ten day ticket.  When choosing your number of days it’s important to align your schedule. Below is an example of how I plan out my trip schedule so I can see just how many days we will visit a theme park.

In the above schedule you can see that we need at least a 5 day Park Hopper based on the days we will be visiting a theme park.  Scheduling rest days or even half days is important to ensuring you also get downtime to reduce overwhelm and exhaustion.  Rest can look different for everyone so be sure to schedule this into your plan whatever that looks like for you.

Looking at an overview of your schedule can also help you determine which ticket type is best for you.  For example:  If you do not see an opportunity where you would park hop then a base ticket may be the best option for you.  Adversely, if you see at least once instance where you plan to park hop or could park hop, it’s best to purchase that upfront so you have it as a tool in your Disney planning arsenal.

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