Disney Trip Optimization

Disney Trip Optimization

Here at Foolish Mortal Planning Co. we’re always looking for ways to optimize all aspects of our Disney World Trips. So we’re sharing some of our BEST TIPS to Optimize your Disney World Trip! Disney Trip Optimization has become a craft that we continue to hone and try out ourselves.

This Blog is a little different from our others, we’re giving you straight facts in a list format to Optimize your Time, Travel and Packing. Print this off as a quick reference guide or your our Facebook Community for access to all this and more for FREE!

This Blog contains affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. This is our way to bring you awesome vendors to optimize your trip!

Optimize Your Time

  1. Plan your trip ahead of time.
  2. Decide what’s important to you and your travel party by setting Intentions for your trip (our secret sauce!).
  3. Schedule your Must Do’s to ensure you achieve them.
  4. Rope Drop Top Attractions for shorter wait times.
  5. Use Fireworks, Parades and Cavalcades for shorter wait times.
  6. Take advantage of Early Hours, late hours or Special Events for shorter wait times.
  7. Utilize Rider Swap if you have small children who can’t ride.
  8. When available, set your preferences in Disney Genie for recommendations on what to do next and projected wait times. For an overview of current known features watch this video and download our Disney Genie Cheat Sheet.

Optimize Your Travel

  1. Determine your best mode of travel based on your priorities. consider time, cost and traveler needs.
  2. Consider Travel Time in your planning to ensure you’ve accounted for the hours or days it may take.
  3. If flying, compare your options to get to/from the airport. Mears Connect will continue to service Disney World Resorts after the Magical Express Service ends on 1/2/2022.
  4. Rent a Stroller to reduce luggage, we recommend Kingdom Strollers ! We’ve used them several times and love the ease of renting as well as their customer service. You can even schedule your pick up at MCO!
  5. If driving, be mindful of your timing to avoid high traffic areas around cities and business districts. Account for this in your departure time, for example, traveling from NYC we need to leave at 3:30am or after 7am to avoid Rush Hour Traffic in Washington DC.

Optimize Your Packing

  1. Use packing cubes to organize and optimize your clothing being packed.
  2. Lay out outfits by day, especially if doing themes, to ensure you have everything you need.
  3. Streamline packing with clear bags labeled by traveler by day.
  4. Create a packing list (or use ours! It’s a BONUS with the Foolish Mortal Digital Planner) to ensure you pack everything you need. evaluate ahead of time to reduce anything you don’t.
  5. Bring an extra bag for Souvenirs (trust me you’ll need it!), we recommend a fabric bag that folds small and can fit in an overhead compartment or under your seat if flying.
  6. Pack reusable water bottles, we recommend one that is stainless steel, our favorite is from Takeya. They’ll remove the needs to purchase plastic water bottles and reduce your budget. Order Gallons of water (and any groceries you need) ahead of time from Orlando Grocery Express.

For more Optimization Tips check out the Foolish Mortal Digital Planner which includes BONUS Optimization Cheat Sheets with our top tips, hacks and how to use them! Our tips align with our Three Pillars – Plan, Budget & Intentions!

Look for updates on Disney Genie and even more Optimization Tips as we continue to build a database to help you plan the most magical trip for YOU and your family. Join our email list to never miss a Blog or Tip.

“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” – Walt Disney


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