Planning for Success!

On the eve of the launch of our core product – The Foolish Mortal Digital Planner, we’re focusing on all things Planning! It’s no secret we LOVE to plan, heck it’s in our name!

?Planning is our love language.

?Planning makes us happy haunts.

Helping you Plan your Disney Trip? Well that completely fills our cup with endless Dole Whips ??

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Planning Your Disney World Trip


Why Plan?

A simple term but packed with meaning, planning sets up your intentions for your Disney Trip. Without a plan, your intentions are just ideas. When you plan out your trip it creates expectations for the entire traveling party.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Wishes are empty promises, it’s a plan turned into actions that create results. Wishes was also an incredible fireworks display, but I digress #TeamWishes

The Three Pillar System

These same concepts from goal setting experts are what we apply to the Foolish Mortal Digital Planner. As self taught goal setting Jedi’s with 15+ years of experience, we’ve created a Three Pillar system that Empowers YOU to make decisions:




These pillars are the foundation of The Foolish Mortal Digital Planner. The Result…a unique planning experience led by intentions to fit Your individual needs. We’re rethinking the planning process to shift from overwhelm to confident. For more on Setting Intentions, read Blog #3.

The Foolish Mortal Digital Planner

Launching 9/1, The Foolish Mortal Digital Planner will transition you from Overwhelmed Ghoul to Grinning Ghost.

The Planner contains 999 Happy Haunts pages….kidding, it’s 20 Templates for a customizable planning experience to support you during your trip planning process. Plan to any time frame with Monthly, Weekly and Daily Calendar Templates.

The Pre-Planning Pages included in the Foolish Mortal Digital Planner are comprehensive and created systematically. We get you thinking upfront before setting your plan to ensure your trip reflects YOUR needs, not someone else’s.

The biggest question we get asked is “When is the best time to go (to Disney World)?” Our answer may surprise you…..we say that is entirely up to you! Use the Trip Planner Pages to guide you to your decision. Our focus is always to empower you, not tell you what to do because you know what’s best for your family.

Your Plan

Once you’ve set your intentions the next step is to create a budget. Our planner comes with a Budget and Calendar Template to help you optimize both. You can also download our Free Budget Template. From there, the scheduling fun begins! Use the Monthly, Weekly and Daily Planner Templates to map our your trip and the time line to get your there. Think actionable steps like purchasing tickets, booking dining reservations and initiating packing. The process is customizable so you can plan as much or as little as you’d like.

The Planner includes BONUS materials to optimize your Time, Savings, Traveling, Schedule, Packing and Dining experiences. Consider these our Top Planning Tips for streamlining the entire process. As you work through each section of the planner we’ll be there to guide you with daily prompts and invite you to join our Facebook Community where we share up-to-date information on all things Disney World.

Planning is more than just a plan, schedule or list of things to do, it’s the things you INTEND to make happen.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” – Walt Disney


Greetings Foolish Mortals!

I’m Melissa, a self professed Disnerd and Ultimate Planner!   After taking my family on their first trip in October 2016, I found a passion for helping friends and family plan their trips.

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