Happy Haunts Hour


A detailed work session for Happy Haunts just starting their planning, looking for clarity on the planning process or want help planning the most magical trip possible. Included in the call you get:

One hour of Intentional planning with Head Foolish Mortal – Melissa!

Be empowered to summon your planning spirits!

Total Package is Valued at $149!

Each session will be different by clients needs. Be specific with your
pre-planning worksheets upfront to get the most out of your session.

*If your main goal if to book Dining, it is recommended that you book your session at least 2 weeks before your 60 Day Dining Window opens to allow for planning of reservations and ensure there is time in my schedule to support your reservation booking. Please note your call will be 45min if this is your main purpose of the session to allot time for me to book your dining.

*Due to the limited availability of these 1:1 planning sessions, calls can be rescheduled once in a limited capacity.
At this time calls cannot be cancelled or refunded