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The Best Time to Visit Disney World

The number one question we get asked is – When’s the best time to go to Disney World?

It’s a question that’s actually hard to answer, because there is no perfect time for everyone.

The better question to ask yourself is…

When’s the best time for my family to go to Disney World?

Every family is different so every trip will be unique. It’s important to take a closer look at what you want from the trip, what you want to do during the trip and if there is a specific time you’d like to visit. Answering these questions will help guide you to your decision.

Often, travelers focus on crowd levels as a deciding factor, but if you plan based on your intentions then any time you choose will be the perfect trip for you. Crowd levels may make it easier to maneuver, but they shouldn’t be then main focus to decide when your best time to visit Disney World is. We have visited several times for July Fourth, one of the Top 3 busiest times you can go and have wonderful trips. We got to do all the rides and activities we wanted without spending a ton of time waiting in line.

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Making a Decision on when to visit Disney World

We know this is not an easy task, that’s why we created a guide to specifically help you answer this question!

The When to Go to Disney World guide walks you through 3 Simple Steps to decide when to go to Disney World.  Grab it here!

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The Guide aligns perfectly with our Three Pillars with a specific focus on Setting Intentions.  When we set intentions we create a roadmap that aligns our budget with our plan.

When we set out to plan differently we created our Three Pillar System:

💜 Plan

💜 budget

💜 Intentions

For more on our unique planning process check out Blog #3: Setting Intentions.

Key points to Consider to determine your best time to travel to Disney World

There are several things to consider when choosing the best time for your travel party:

  1. Crowd Levels – although this is tough to manage right now.  With so many people moving trips from COVID closures crowd levels have been a bit out of sync.
  1. Special Events in Disney World – look at what interests you, for example Epcot Food & Wine Festival or specific Holiday décor.
  1. Your own personal schedule – consider any blackout dates due to pre-scheduled personal events, work schedules and happenings that would keep you from traveling.
  1. General Schedule limitations – for example months children are in school

The When to Go to Disney World Guide walks you through all of the above points and challenges you to make a decision.  After going through the guide, you’ll know your best time to visit Disney World, then it’s time to start planning!

Ready to plan, but feeling overwhelmed? let us help!

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