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Welcome Foolish Mortals!

Hey There! Welcome to the Foolish Mortal Planning Co. Blog! We’re so excited you dropped in for a visit! The Happy Haunts here at Foolish Mortal Planning Co. will be dishing out weekly topics on all things WDW, so hop into your doom buggy and let’s get this swinging wake started!

Introducing Foolish Mortal Planning Co.

Foolish Mortal Introduction
Melissa McGill, Owner & Founder

Hey There! I’m Melissa, Head Foolish Mortal and Founder of Foolish Mortal Planning Co.! I live in New York City with my husband, two kids and two dachshunds. After taking my family on their first trip in October 2016, I found a passion for helping friends and family plan their trips. That passion led me to launching a free Facebook Community in early 2017 while planning two more trips back home.  I quickly became the go to Disnerd Friend that everyone reached out to for tips and questions and I loved it! Since then, My family and I have traveled to WDW 4x and I’ve helped others plan countless trips.

But it wasn’t just the trips or the questions that made me want to launch Foolish Mortal Planning Co. When I’m planning our trips it’s such a fun and engaging process for me. I dive deep into what matters for us so that we do the things we set intentions to do. I’ve created templates to help us plan, budget, pack and optimize our trips and now I want to share those tools with you!

My affinity for planning started in my corporate career, setting SMART goals for myself and my teams to drive the business forward.  I took these same intention setting principles and applied them to planning our WDW trips and it has proven to be a successful system time and again. After discovering the STARTplanner System in 2016 it further drove my obsession with planning and goal setting for all aspects of my life, including budgeting, an integral part of the Foolish Mortal Planning Co. System.  more on Budgeting in our next Blog, until then you can download our Free Budget Template.

Our Three Pillars

One thing that I’ve found over the past several years planning our trips is no matter how detailed your plan is, something is going to shift it. For us it’s been many things – Hurricanes (that’s a story for another day), Migraines (I suffer from them), extreme Heat (in Florida, who knew ?), cranky kids and the list goes on. No matter the reason we were able to be flexible because we set intentions ahead of time on what was important for us on our trip. It’s exactly why Intention is one of the Foolish Mortal Planning Co. Three Pillars.


Foolish Mortal Planning Co. was born from my proficiency for planning, focus for budgeting and love of Disney, creating a unique planning experience led by intentions and goal setting to fit individual needs. We’re rethinking the planning process to shift from overwhelm to confident through our Three Brand Pillars:




We do things differently here at Foolish Mortal Planning Co. because we understand the importance that planning has on the main focus – Your Trip. Our goal is simple, provide you with the planning tools you need to make confident and empowered decisions for a stress-free WDW Trip. That starts and ends with Planning, Budgeting and Intentions. We can’t wait to help you plan your trip.


That’s us in a nutshell! We’ll be delivering weekly Blog content every Tuesday filled with tips that align with our Three Pillars. If you’d like to receive some Happy Haunts Mail then subscribe to our Email List so you don’t miss a Blog! We’d love to welcome you into the Facebook Community too, our Foolish Mortals are always the first to know when planning tools launch and get special tips and insider info. You can also connect with us on Instagram @foolishmortalplanningco For now, we’ll leave you with our favorite Waltism….

 “Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney


Greetings Foolish Mortals!

I’m Melissa, a self professed Disnerd and Ultimate Planner!   After taking my family on their first trip in October 2016, I found a passion for helping friends and family plan their trips.

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